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The language everybody speaks


Test your knowledge of body language

Answer the following questions...

1. If someone shows the same posture as the person he is talking to...

the other person usually finds that copycat behaviour very irritating
this often means that they are in agreement
he is showing unease and embarrassment
it looks a bit unnatural

2. When your colleague crosses his or her arms during a meeting...

he or she is cold
he or she is disagreeing with what is being said
he or she is listening attentively
all the answers above are possible

3. When a boy and a girl walk hand in hand...

her hand is usually in front
his hand is usually in front
it differs from time to time who's hand is in front
there is no front or back while holding hands

4. Someone who glances sideways when thinking...

remembers a certain feeling.
has a particular picture in mind
remembers a smell or taste from the past
is thinking about what is being said

5. A baby's first smile...

is reflexive behaviour
is a sign of happiness
is a sign of copying the parents
is a sign of recognition

6. Most conversations take place in...

the intimate zone
the personal zone
the social zone
the public zone

7. An equal handshake means...

your hand is on top of the other person's hand
your hand is below the other person's hand
your hand is in vertical position
you greet using both your hands

8.Raising an eyebrow can convey:

recognition or surprise

9. During a conversation, body language especially says something about...

the intelligence of the speakers
the content of the message
the relationship of the people talking
the health of the people

10. During a personal conversation (face-to-face)

body language is more important than the words spoken
the words are more important than body language
it's possible to communicate without using body language
body language and spoken language complement each other

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